Memories are a funny thing, over time the details from even the most impactful moments in our lives begin to fade.  Years ago a friend of mine suggested keeping a hunting journal, that by taking just a few minutes to document the events of each hunt would be something an older version of myself would be very grateful for.  I was foolish and didn’t take his advice at the time, and now it is clear to me that many hunts from my younger days are becoming a blur.

My intention is to use this website’s blog to document my hunts from now on as well as go back and put down the details of some important hunts I’ve had in the past.  This project will be more for me than anything else so you can expect to find poorly constructed sentences and the occasional misspelled word, but some readers may find value in it.

Nick Russell is the avid big game hunter, archer and data junkie, that started this website with the goal of helping hunters make more informed decisions about the areas they choose to hunt.

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